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Ship Borne Satellite Antenna

Edit: Dotogo Tecchnologies Co.,Ltd      Date:Jun 03, 2016

Advanced design, strict selection of components to ensure the Haight series ship carrying mobile satellite TV receiving system's quality, it will completely change user to ship with traditional view of satellite TV receiving antenna. The use of advanced satellite TV receiving equipment, to watch a stable and clear television programs, the majority of the crew and passengers look forward to a long time. It can enable the general staff and passengers on the ship to watch TV programs in real time, to eliminate fatigue and loneliness of the journey, and to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of shipping companies. Product application: this series of products in the field of application of is very broad, such as: Sea and inland waterway transport industry; marine fishery; marine and terrestrial oil industry; coastal and inland, ocean engineering and salvage ship; various yachts, luxury cruise ships and civil ships

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