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Antenna Manufacturer To Improve The Reliability Of The 2-axis Marine Antenna

Edit: Dotogo Tecchnologies Co.,Ltd      Date:Jul 04, 2017

Antenna manufacturer to improve the reliability of the 2-axis Marine Antenna

Any product has a reliability problem, from product design, manufacturing, to sales and delivery of user, each link can affect the reliability of the product. How to solve the problem of low reliability of 2-axis ocean antenna? In the design and manufacture of the 2-axis ocean antenna vehicle, we have the following experience to improve the reliability.

1. Subjective understanding must be improved

2 from the previous paper as you can see, no matter how stressed the reliability of the Marine antenna axis is not too much, to say the "stability", the entire industry is facing the plight of has proved not solve the problem of product stability, 2-axis Marine Antenna Marine antenna industry cannot develop.

Must set up the "two axis of Marine antenna car antenna is not problem" ideas, fully understand 2-axis Marine Antenna Marine antenna design, the manufacture difficulty: it is different from home appliances, mobile phones, computers, ruthless market, luck is not closed.

2. Overall design

"A good beginning is half done," a basic principle in quality management is that quality is designed, not produced. Improving product reliability should start from the source of design.

Due to the high workload, the test must be performed in the laboratory to ensure accuracy and repeatability. Contrary to what most people think, the test room test can not replace the road, instead of the comprehensive, detailed and quantified of the laboratory simulation. Using analog device instead of test car circuit, if the actual situation about cars can't fully grasp, can be used to test loading and the items missing in the table function logic process, and then to improve the simulation device.

The low reliability of the product has exerted a far-reaching influence on the development of the 2-axis Marine Antenna industry. Roughly the present domestic Marine antenna onboard who can do 2-axis Marine Antenna products the company has more than 200, there are more companies ready to mount a horse, and all the people say no problem, as long as the products are of good quality market countries also put 2 axis antenna as a key project supported by the ocean, but so far few products market recognition, more not formed real industry, and the earliest do most of the company has become a strong soil or has diverted, dealers of domestic Marine antenna onboard 2-axis Marine Antenna generally lack of confidence and improve the distribution of threshold, also by the craziness of the puff into today's coldly looking; Due to the excessive quality and excessive quality, investors identified the industry as "too competitive and the market is not clear", which caused the whole industry to find it difficult to access financing opportunities. I think that improving product reliability is the real breakthrough point of industry development.

Above 2-axis Marine Antenna we are brought forward in the design, production of reliability problems in Marine antenna of some knowledge and experience, hope to the topic, with our mutual communication, to improve the reliability of domestic Marine antenna onboard equipment 2 axis ideas, in-depth.