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Motor Homes Antenna Measurement Technology And Its New Developments

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Motor Homes Antenna Measurement Technology and Its New Developments
1 Overview
Motor Homes Antenna measurement has important significance, high-precision car antenna measurement car antenna development and production and product testing process is a very important part. Motor Homes Antenna measurement technology is comprehensive, measurement methods and means have their own characteristics, the accuracy of measurement is directly related to the application of the situation.
The development of Motor Homes Antenna measurement technology can be traced back to 1901, Marconi for the first time using the cone antenna to complete the transatlantic radio communication experiments, people began to explore the vehicle antenna parameters accurate measurement method [1]. From the development of Motor Homes Antenna technology, 1930 years ago for the line car antenna period, the representative of the car antenna for the Yagi Yutian car antenna and diamond car antenna, this stage has not yet formed a special car antenna measurement method. In the 20th century, 30 to 50 years into the car antenna antenna period, the car antenna measurement method began to initially established, often using open field measurement. In the 1950s, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology used a wave-absorbing material to reduce the indoor background reflection level, established the world's first microwave darkroom, to carry out accurate vehicle antenna parameter measurements, usually Using point by point method. In the 1970s and 1980s, when the phased array car antenna was used, the automated car antenna measurement technology and the microwave darkroom were widely used. In 1980, the United States Motor Homes Antenna Measurement Technology Association was established, committed to the technology to promote and standard-setting [2]. Since the 1980s, in particular, in 1983, AMPS first generation cellular mobile communication system in Chicago commercial as a sign, mobile communications into the period of great development, the demand for Motor Homes Antenna measurement increased significantly, a variety of technical means continue to improve, tightening, Scanning near field, cylindrical scanning near field, spherical scanning near field, multi-probe near field and other technologies are widely used. Automobile antenna measurement method With the development of the theory and the progress of technology, from outdoor to indoor, far field to near field, a single parameter to a variety of parameters continue to enrich and perfect. In recent years, MIMO technology, millimeter-wave technology, terahertz technology development, the car antenna measurement technology presents new challenges.
Motor Homes Antenna measurement technology involves the design and manufacture of instruments and equipment, the design and processing of high-precision turntable and scanning frame, the design and processing of absorbing materials, the design and processing of electromagnetic leak-free shields, automatic control and processing, computer and software, and various algorithms The The microwave chamber for Motor Homes Antenna measurement is a large equipment and high-tech integrated products, with high cost, high technical level, comprehensive and strong characteristics, marking the industry's highest level of technological development.
International companies with Motor Homes Antenna measurement complete solutions are from ETS, MI-Technologies and NSI, IDS in Italy, MVG in France (merged by SATIMO and Orbit in Israel), and so on. Each have their own technical advantages and characteristics. China's aerospace 207, CLP 41, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing Institute of Technology, Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology Institute and institutions of higher learning can also provide Motor Homes Antenna measurement solutions. However, after research, China's independent intellectual property rights of Motor Homes Antenna measurement technology market share of less than 30%, China has not yet formed a professional measurement and maintenance personnel system, there is no establishment of industry training and certification mechanism, China has not yet formed a complete car antenna Measurement standard system. Overall, with the level of foreign technology there are still some gaps.
    As of May 2016, the number of 4G users in the country has reached 58.4882 million, the total mobile subscribers reached 1296.603 million, the capacity of mobile telephone switches reached 212,052.6 million, and the number of mobile communication base stations exceeded 3 million. The demand for car antenna measurement increased significantly. Kind of measurement techniques and methods have been applied, no matter what method, car antenna measurements need to meet the three basic requirements, namely: accurate, stable and efficient.
2 car antenna measurement method
2.1 Classification of measurement methods
    According to the electromagnetic theory, Figure 1 shows the car antenna radiation partition of the definition of three, where D is the car antenna diameter, for the measurement of wavelength.